• Show next week

    Our last outing at the Rhythm Room (last week) was probably our best show ever. Help us build on this momentum by joining us next week. Same time, same place... more or less.

  • From Austin with Love

    We had a great time out in Austin this past week. Should have some pictures & videos of our SXSW shows to share soon. Until then, here's one we took at the Toro Y Moi show.  -Wesley

  • Official Video for "Summer Nights Lakeside"

    Very pleased to share with you all our video for "Summer Nights Lakeside." It was compiled by our buddy/director Benjamin Bates from Joel's vintage 8mm family films. Ben is in the process of shooting another video with us for our slow-dancer friendly jam "Greeley Estates."

  • I Don't Want To Care Anymore

    One of our older songs but still one of our favorites. We (Scott and Joel) recorded it in a huge room at a local community college and Bob Hoag from Flying Blanket mixed it. Enjoy !

  • Bienvenidos a Miami

    We had a great time recording the music video with Benjamin Bate and his crew at the Bullion Plaza School. We had some extra time to sneak in a recording of Somebody Stole My Money in one of the creepy, old classrooms. Hopefully, we will be posting both of those soon. The grounds keeper, Tom, was a really awesome guy full of creepy ghost stories about the historic grammar school.  

  • Greeley Estates Video

    We are heading out to Miami (the one in Arizona) this Sunday to shoot a music video for our song Greeley Estates with Benjamin Bates. Its going to have lots of darkness mixed with the use of a flashlight. Should be a good time. kthx bye!

  • Wild Nothing / Abe Vigoda show

    We had a great time at the show at the Rhythm Room. The Wild Nothing and Abe Vigoda were awesome dudes. Definitely catch their show if they come through your town. Thanks to Wesley for shooting the above video. 

  • Video from recording

    Finally got time to put together some of the video we shot last weekend at Flying Blanket. Steve can be such an ass sometimes. Hope you all enjoy. kthx bye 

  • Just recorded this past weekend at Flying Blanket ! We had a great time working with Bob Hoag and Gerald Schoenherr to get our new song, "I Can, I Will", recorded. Bob showed us an awesome documentry, Winnebago Man, in our down time. If you enjoy this, and want to know more you should check it out. 

    The new song should be available to the world soon. We took tons of video too which we will hopefully be cutting together to make some sort of video thing. kthx bye -John 

  • Saturday, January 8, 2011

    We're doing the Rogue tomorrow with good people. And it's free. Nine's the time.

  • SXSW...

    We've been offered a showcase at SXSW 2011! More details to come, but apparently we will be seeing you all in Austin this year!